App Push Notifications Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to be logged into the app to receive Push Notifications?
A: Yes. Members will need to be logged into the app to receive Push Notifications that have been tagged as Member-specific content.

Q: If I close the app, do I remain logged in?
A: Yes. One of the most significant benefits of the Club app is the ability to remain ‘logged in’ to the app even if it is closed. This feature negates the need to continually log in and out of the app to reference the Member-specific golf content such as bookings, daily leaderboards and results icons.

Q: Who has access to the Club app and Push Notifications?
A: Anyone can download the Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club app from either the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores. The Club will choose whether to send Push Notifications to the general public (all users) or Members only, being those who have logged into the app with their membership details.

Q: Can I opt out of receiving push notifications in the app?
A: Yes. Receiving push notifications from apps can be turned on and off on your phone. Reference the ‘Notifications’ option under the Settings icon on your Apple or Android device to make this change.

Q: Can I delete an old Push Notification from my phone?
A: No. The Club will manage the deletion of historical Push Notifications after the relevant period of time.

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