Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club Application for Employment

The below form is to be used when applying for employment at Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club.

Please note that the information you provide Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club will be kept in the strictest of confidence, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988.

Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club Application for Employment

  • Please note your availability for each day above. For example, Monday from 6am - 11pm, Tuesday unavailable
  • List your previous employers above, beginning with your most recent employer. Include: Employer name and address, telephone number, your position, start date, end date, duties and responsibilities and your reason for leaving.
  • Complete your education and qualifications above. Include name of schools, colleges or universities and location, start date, end date, degree or certificate obtained and course of study
  • Provide a manager's name from your last three (3) places of employment above, if possible. Include employer, referee's name, referee's position and telephone number.


By submitting this form, I agree to the below.

1. I declare that the statements made by me in this application are true and complete and understand that a false statement or dishonest answer may render this application invalid or make me liable for dismissal.

2. I will abide by Company rules and policies as declared to me or contained in the Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club Staff Handbook, Policy Manual, notice boards or operational manuals.

3. If I am supplied with a Company uniform, it will be worn at all times while at work, and I agree to return it in a satisfactory condition on termination. Loss or damage to uniforms or loss or damage of other issued Company items may result in deduction from my wage or salary.

4. I will agree to retain the confidentiality of Company documents, systems, manuals and financial reports and I understand that not doing so may be grounds for dismissal.

5. I agree to have Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club carry out random bag and locker checks in the interest of maintaining security of the Company’s property as well as the property of Members, customers and employees.

6. I declare that I am eligible to work in Australia and if my status changes in the future I will notify the Company immediately. I understand that any false information given by me regarding this matter will render me liable for dismissal.

7. I understand that, should I secure employment with Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club, I will initially be employed under a three (3)-month probationary period which may be extended to six (6) months.

8. I authorise Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club to collect, use or disclose any information provided in this application with any relevant third party for the purpose of employment with the Company.

9. I authorise Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club to keep my application on file for a period of three (3) months if I am unsuccessful for the position I am applying for. The Company can consider my application for other employment opportunities during this time.


Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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