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Sanctuary Cove is home to copious breeds of wildlife. The fauna complements Sanctuary Cove in a way that restores life and personality to the Northern Gold Coast. One can only appreciate the beauty and tranquillity the wildlife instils after witnessing a flock of corellas in flight in the late afternoon or a group of kangaroos basking in the early morning sunlight. From kangaroos to kookaburras sitting in the old gum tree, the selection is vast and employs an appreciation that must be witnessed firsthand. The Cove is home to various breeds of fish, reptiles, insects, mammals, amphibians, and birds, each instilling its own unique qualities into Gores’ Wonderland. Sanctuary Cove has been listed as an Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, ensuring The Cove remains a valuable part of the local conservation landscape and maintains eco-friendly golf courses. Sanctuary Cove is renowned for being a haven for the rich and famous. The celebrities don’t stop rolling in at mere humans though, movie star geese are also calling Sanctuary Cove home.

A number of the white geese that populate the pristine lakes within Sanctuary Cove can also be seen in the movie ‘Babe’. A heartfelt film about a talking pig that believes it can round up sheep as well as dogs, the geese (also talking) in the film play haggling and impressive supporting roles. Shortly after the film was released in 1995, the geese were relocated to Sanctuary Cove where they remain in solitude to this day.




Epar Environmental Management System

The golf course maintenance department at Sanctuary Cove operates under the Epar Environmental Management System.

The e-par Group specialises in the design, build, implementation and management of international standard Environmental Management Systems (EMS) that conform to internationally recognised standard ISO 14001:2004.

Environmental legislation in Australia is complex and can be daunting and time consuming for managers to interpret. This e-par’s speciality and our primary vision is to provide clients with practical, simple management tools to ensure they are meeting and exceeding their environmental compliance requirements.

With Environmental Audit, Policy, Risk Assessment, Improvement Targets, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and more, the e-par EMS stands out from its competitors as the only EMS designed specifically for the sports turf and recreation industry.

e-par Group founder and Director of Environment Terry Muir advises “There is no other EMS like e-par in the world. Tailored tools and documents, task specific procedures and online reporting and management capabilities. It is a practical solution to a complex problem”

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