Update on the Golf Courses

This week the Golf Course Maintenance team completed the following:

  • Mitecide application on The Pines fairways
  • Fungicide application on The Pines greens
  • Small practice putting green renovation which involved verti-cut four times over in different directions, aerating 10mm hollow tines, applying amendments and topdressing
  • Installation of an advanced-sized Bottle tree in the garden behind The Pines 11thgreen

The team is addressing the below during The Palms golf course renovations:


  • Verti-cut four times over in different directions
  • Aerate 10mm hollow tines
  • Apply amendments
  • Topdress

              Tees / Green Aprons

  • Green apron shapes altered on various holes
  • Aerate 14mm hollow tines
  • Scarify
  • Mow at 8mm


  • Aerate 14mm hollow tines
  • Rub in cores
  • Cross cut at 10mm

               Drainage Works

  • Drainage works conducted by contractors Atlas Golf on holes 12, 13, 14, 16 and 17
  • Works include turf removal from addressed area
  • Reshaping of surface contouring
  • Subsurface drainage

Next week the team will

  • Continue The Palms renovations by way of topdressing tees, applying gypsum and topdressing fairways
  • Topdress The Palms greens for the 2nd time
  • Apply granular fertiliser on tees, green aprons and fairways
  • Assist Atlas Golf with continued drainage works on holes 12, 13, 14, 16, 17
  • Lightly dust The Pines greens
  • Foliar fertilise The Pines tees, green aprons and fairways
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