Update on the Golf Courses

The Golf Course Maintenance team completed the following this week:

  • Verti-cut The Pines greens, applied amendments and a lightly dusted
  • Applied insecticide on The Pines greens
  • Foliar fertilised The Pines tees, green aprons and fairways
  • Applied wetting agent to bare patches on The Pines fairways
  • Sprayed Couch-encroachment-into-Zoysia collars with a herbicide
  • Trimmed the paths surrounding The Pines practice putting greens
  • Trimmed The Pines irrigation heads
  • Mowed The Palms rough
  • With the help of the Members’ Working Group, completed garden works on The Palms 1st and 6th holes which also included mulch work at the 6th hole garden

The Palms golf course renovations included:

  • Application of bulk gypsum to all fairways
  • Mowing of all fairways
  • Topdressing of all tees
  • Mowing of all greens as well as another light topdress
  • Turfing of drainage works areas on holes 12, 13, 14, 16, 17 contractors Atlas Golf
  • Replaced damaged drainage pits on the 11th hole

The team will address the following next week:

  • Topdress and aerate the bare patches on fairways
  • Trim and detail bunkers on The Pines
  • Mow The Pines rough
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