Corporate Golf Events Terms and Conditions

1. Booking Requirements
2. Signage
3. On Course Requirements
4. Food and Beverage
5. Cancellations or Alterations to Numbers
6. Payment
7. Dress Code / Code of Conduct
8. Rental Equipment
9. Injury / Damage to Persons
10. Damage to Property
11. Insurance
12. Laws and Regulations
13. Non-Compliance
14. Entire Agreement


1. Booking Requirements

A request for golf bookings of eight (8) players or greater must be made in writing. Tentative bookings will be terminated after a period of seven (7) days if not confirmed in writing.

If a deposit has not been received by the due date, Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club (the Club) reserves the right to terminate the booking. Deposits will be reimbursed against green fee charges on the day of the event, unless player numbers significantly decrease and the deposit funds are required to pay outstanding green fees.

If the group cancels 60 days prior to the date of play, the group is entitled to a full refund of the initial deposit. Inside of 60 days, 100% of the deposit will be surrendered to the Club.

A minimum of 48 players is required for a two-tee start or shotgun start to be arranged for a particular group booking. If the number of players on the day fails to reach 48, the group may still be charged for this minimum amount at the discretion of the Club.

All group bookings made are subject to change by the Club. If the booking is changed, the Club undertakes to give all available notice and assistance in the rescheduling of the booking.

The price quoted per person is valid only for the number of players booked. If the number of players reduces, the price per person may increase.



2. Signage

All signage, flags, marquees etc. represented by a company and/or its sponsors must be tastefully presented and not offensive.
All signs must comply with size restrictions of 1.5 metres high and 2 metres wide. Any other signs outside this restriction must be approved and authorised by the Club.

No signs, flags, marquees etc. are to be erected outside The Palms and The Pines golf course precinct, unless approved and authorised by the Club.

The client will not erect or place any signage on course.

Signage, flags, marquees etc. will not to be attached to trees or any other vegetation.

If the client or a company engaged by the client wishes to erect signage on course, a member of the the Club Golf Course Maintenance (GCM) staff or Golf Services staff will place signage around the course. This is to prevent damage to course irrigation works. A fee will be charged for this service.

Any signage stored at the Club and not collected within 48 hours of an event will be returned to the represented company and or its sponsor at their expense.

Any signage attached to buildings and/or structures must be secured, approved and authorised by the Club.
The Club accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged signage.

All signage must be dropped to the Club with the exact placement location at least 48 hours prior to the day. Any signage arriving thereafter may not be erected on course.



3. On Course Requirements

All appropriate licenses/insurance must be obtained for any activities associated with the group golf event, by the group.
Any promotions/competitions/sponsorship activities etc. associated with the group golf event must be carried out with the highest standards of conduct, and must be confirmed in writing at least 14 days in advance. Any behaviour deemed unsatisfactory by the Club will result in the offending persons being removed.

Any golf event held at the Club must comply with the rules of golf including the rules of amateur status. Copies of all such documents are available upon request.

Any media release/interview/publication in relation to a golf event at the Club must have the confirmed written approval of the Manager of the Club.

Any signage or activities on course must be approved by the Club.

Disclaimer of Liability: Except to the extent that any loss or damage is caused by the Club, the Club will not accept responsibility for any damages to, loss of goods before, during or after an event. The client is responsible for any damages or loss to SCGCC contributed or caused by organisers, any guests or invitees.



4. Food and Beverage

The purpose of the following policy is to allow guests using the licensed facilities at the Club the opportunity for gainful social and business events within the confines of service quality, the Law, the Queensland Liquor Act, Queensland Health Regulations and good business practice.

Menus: Menu prices include GST and are correct at time of printing. Menu prices and items may change without notice due to seasonal changes in availability and price. Menu prices can be confirmed with and will be honoured by the Club within 14 days of the event.

All reasonable effort will be made by the Club to cater to any special dietary requirements guests may have, provided these requirements are made known to the Club prior to confirming menu choices.

Final menu choices and catering numbers must be made in writing to and confirmed in writing by the Club no later than 4 working days prior to the event, Saturdays and/or Sundays will not be counted as part of any nomination period. Any reduction in catering numbers inside 4 working days will incur 100% of catering charges.

Staffing: Staffing of functions will be commensurate with the type of function and the number of attendees

Drink carts and food and beverage stations on course: The drink carts shall be classed as part of The Palms golf course and The Pines golf course operations. At no time shall any cart or food and beverage station be permitted to dispense food or beverage without knowledge of the Golf Operations Manager and supervision by the Golf Operations Manager. A charge will apply for this service. For a group booking of 39 players or less a drink cart fee of $150.00 will apply if this group requires sole access to the drink cart. For a group booking of 40 or more players, one drink cart will be provided at no charge. A second drink cart will be charged at $250.00. This charge is for the cart only and does not include food and beverage consumed. No container or esky of any sort containing food or beverage is permitted on the premises.

Client’s event-sponsored stock: No event-sponsored food or beverage is permitted, and, glassware is not permitted on The Palms or The Pines golf courses without prior approval. At no time shall any cart or food and beverage station be permitted to dispense event-sponsored food or beverage without knowledge of the Golf Operations Manager and supervision by the Golf Operations Manager. The following conditions must be adhered to should sponsored food be brought on course; as a result of loss of business for the day, a ‘corkage’ charge from $10 per person will apply.

The Club will not provide any eskies, table cloths etc. unless a hire fee is paid for each item.
Hire fees will be as follows;

Eskies $25 per small esky   |   $50 per large esky
Table cloths $10 per cloth
Trestle tables $30 per table
Chairs $8 per chair

The client agrees to indemnify the Club from any claims that may result from customers consuming the sponsored product on course and to make known to all participants of the event that the food has not been prepared or provided by the Club.

A quantity of the sponsored beverage equal to two times the amount of beverage used over the entire event will be payable to the Club. All sponsored stock owing to the Club shall be available on the day of the event. All sponsored stock is to be delivered to the the Club no later than 48 hours prior to the event for purposes of chilling and preparation.

Consumption of alcohol: The client shall make known to all their staff, guests and invitees that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and that they should arrange alternate transport to and from the Club. If, in the opinion of management, any person is acting in a drunken or disorderly fashion, that person will be removed from the premises at the expense of the client in accordance to the current RSA laws in Queensland.



5. Cancellations or Alterations to Numbers

Final numbers must be confirmed 48 hours prior to the event. If numbers decrease below this amount then payment will be required for the number of players confirmed.

If player numbers fall below 12, the green fee cost will be the rack rate at the time of play.

Cancellation of a booking must be notified in writing. For a group who has booked a shotgun start, the cancellation must be made four (4) weeks prior to the event. For all other groups, cancellation must be made fourteen (14) days prior to the event. If a cancellation is made later than these times, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total green fees for the number of players booked will be charged.

Cancellations inside of 60 days will forfeit 100% of initial deposit received.

If a cancellation is made by the Club due to inclement weather conditions, no cancellation fee will be charged.

Should the event be decided to be re-scheduled on the day of play, discussion and/or negotiation with the Executive General Manager or their authorised management representative may be entered into.

The Club reserves the right to cancel any function event if, in management’s opinion, the function or event is not in the best interests of this business.



6. Payment

Payment must be made 14 days prior to the event unless otherwise arranged with the Club.
Payment may be made by cash, cheque, electronic funds transfer or credit card. All cheques should be made payable to Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club Pty Ltd.
All group bookings greater than twelve (12) players must be made in one payment. Groups smaller than twelve (12) players may pay individually.
If any charges associated with the booking are invoiced, payment must be received by the Club within seven (7) days of the date of invoice.



7. Dress Code / Code of Conduct

Any behaviour deemed unsatisfactory by the Club will result in the offending persons being removed from the premises.

The Club’s dress code must be adhered to at all times. The Club reserves the right to refuse players. It is your company’s responsibility to make your guests aware at all times. All players must be dressed in neat, casual attire and a collared, tucked-in shirt is compulsory for males. Denim, singlets and brief shorts are not permitted on the course.



8. Rental Equipment

The following terms and conditions constitute the Rental Agreement (the “Agreement”) under which the Club rents equipment (“rental equipment”) to you (“you” or “renter”). By signing this Agreement, you take responsibility for all players included with your group and authorise the Club to charge your credit card for any lost, stolen or broken rental equipment and for all other amounts payable under the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Credit card details are kept securely for up to 48 hours then discarded as per Club policy.

All rental prices are subject to change without notice until you book your reservation.

Credit Card Guarantee:
All rentals made through the Club will be transacted by means of a valid credit card guarantee at the time of making a purchase. You hereby authorise the Club to charge your credit card for any amounts due plus any late, lost, stolen, broken, non-returned fees, and for all other amounts payable under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Possible additional Charges to your Credit Card:
In addition to charges for the rental period, we may charge your credit card with following additional charges, under the following circumstances:

Failure to return the equipment: if you fail to return the equipment to us for any reason, including if the equipment was lost or stolen, you agree that we may charge your credit card the full amount of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the equipment, in addition to any charges for the rental period. We also reserve the right to file a police report against you or any other party, and you hereby waive all claims against the Club for any consequences resulting from the Club making such report.

Damage to the equipment: you must return the rental equipment to us in the same condition, normal wear and tear from proper use excepted, as we rented it to you. If you fail to do so, we may charge your credit card an amount sufficient to fully restore the equipment to its condition at the start of the rental period. The amount we charge for these repairs shall be in our sole discretion. Such charges shall not, however, exceed the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the damaged equipment.



9. Injury / Damage to Persons

You are also responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused by any person when acting under your direction, order or control in the Club or its environment in connection with any performance during the event or whilst arranging the event.



10. Damage to Property

You are responsible for any damage caused to the Club property by any of your employees, contractors / agents or persons attending the event whether before, during or after an event. Any damage caused to the the Club must be reported immediately.
Immediately after the conclusion of the event, an inspection will take place by the the Club staff and a report of any damage to the Club’s property during the event will be made available to you as soon as reasonably practical after the report has been prepared. You are invited to inspect any damage contained in the report, but you must do so as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event prior to any further event using the area where damage has occurred.



11. Insurance

The Club maintains public liability and property damage policies.
However, hirers / organisers are financially responsible for any injury or damage to property during the event. Therefore, it is necessary for hirers / organisers to arrange their own insurance cover for property damage and public liability, where it could be considered their liability.
It is the hirer / organiser’s responsibility that these insurance requirements are made known to all exhibitors. It is the responsibility of people bringing equipment, fittings or materials into the Club to insure themselves.
The person responsible for bringing any item into the Club that causes damage to the Club or injury or damage to any other property or person, either directly or indirectly, will be held responsible for that damage or injury.



12. Laws and Regulations

At no time will the hirer / organiser commit any act or permit its employees, agents or invitees to commit any act that is illegal, noisome or offensive or is in breach of any statutes, by-laws, orders or regulations, or other provisions having the force of the law including but not limited to the Liquor Licence, Fire Regulations and Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA).



13. Non-Compliance

If the signatory / organiser does not fully comply with any of the requirements in this agreement (and if such non-compliance is capable of being remedied, you fail to comply within 14 days of notice by the Club requiring compliance, the Club may, in its absolute discretion, terminate this agreement.


14. Entire Agreement

Subject to amendments specified in subsequent function event order(s), the event order and these terms and conditions will constitute the entire agreement of both parties and supersede all prior discussions, negotiations and agreements in relation to the function.



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